The Inspiration Bug

Terry Pratchett had this idea that inspiration passed constantly through the universe as a stream of particles which would, occasionally, interact with a mind. Some people, unfortunately for them, have denser brains or something and inspiratons (I just made that up) interact with them more often. That’s how I’m feeling at the moment.

Reality Hack is on hold; I didn’t think I’d take it to a full draft right now, but I’ve called a halt while I work out where I’m going with it. Good start, but it needs some careful though or it’s going to go off on a tangent.

Besides, last weekend while I was putting Ugly out I had this inspiraton smack me in the brain and now I’m writing High Fantasy (or as high as I get anyway). I mean it’s got dragons in it! No idea when that one’s going to see daylight, or if it ever will, but it’s got some cool stuff and I actually do know where I want it to go. Bit epic for me, but we’ll see what happens.

Except that I really have to sit down and write the next Aneka Jansen book soon if I’m going to get it out before Christmas like I promised. I am, however, happy to be doing some random stuff before then. It helps stop me going funny.

Funnier. Sorry, yeah, it helps stop me going funnier.

Eagle’s Shadow Teaser – Dancing with a Dragon

I’m going to try something new for this release, and put out a few teasers. These are going to be little exerts from the book to give some hints and flavour. While I’m trying to avoid actual spoilers, you may find out things you’d rather read in context, especially if you haven’t read some of the earlier books. For that reason, the actual clip is beyond the cut; continue if you dare!

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The Dragon Queen

Brenhines, or Gwyn as she likes to be known when she’s being informal, is a dragon. Her name means Queen, and when she appears in Dragon’s Blood she is very much the haughty, regal character her name implies. She normally keeps herself to herself; living alone on the island of Anglesey off the Welsh coast and emerging only to give cryptic warnings, but she is also the dragon who gave Ceri her slightly modified genes and allowed her to be a sorceress, and Brenhines is protective of her children. And that’s even if her children were born thousands of years after she was involved in the process.

We will definitely be seeing more of Brenhines in the future.

(As usual, the full size version of this art can be found on my deviantArt page. Link at the side.)

More Blurb and Teasers

I drafted some blurb last night. I just looked at it and I think it needs work. Hey, if it takes me three or four goes at the novel before I think it’s ready, why should the blurb not require a redraft?

However, while I’m not happy with the big blurb, the Smashwords teaser blurb looks good, so I’m going to post it now so it can do its job… teasing.

Stonehenge, enigmatic ancient monument alone in the English countryside, hides a mystery even more ancient than the rocks themselves. As Ceri searches for the answers an old enemy returns with murder on his mind. Can Ceri and her friend Lily survive to uncover the secret of the Dragon’s Blood?

There we go. I hope you’re feeling teased.

Happy New Year… Again

Another New Year, this time the Chinese one. This will be a Dragon year, and I was born in another Dragon year, so I’m hoping for a bit of good luck. May the same luck be upon you all.

Given the animal associated with this year, it’s appropriate that Dragon’s Blood will be my first release of the year. Look out for it on Saturday.