You Too Can Be Your Favourite Succubus…

No, not Lily, or even Tera, but Bo. Available for iOS and Android is a mobile Lost Girl game allowing you to create your own, customised fae character and go on adventures in the world of Lost Girl.

I’ve got it on download from the Play store (it’s free) so I’ll let you know what I think.

News and Stuff

Two items of note:

First off, Amazon have the worst update mechanism I’ve ever heard of, badly documented and manual in handling. That process has now been followed through, but I have no idea when links to allow people who previously purchased Thaumatology 101 to get the update will become available on your “Mange Your Kindle” page. Amazon say it could take up to a month, and I’ve no idea whether they’ll notify me. So, if you’re an Amazon customer, I can only apologise.

Second, Amazon did, however, drop me an email recently telling me that Season 1 of Lost Girl would be coming out on DVD soon. They are estimating availability on February 25th next year (that’s in the UK). I’ve been waiting for this for a while. There aren’t many good urban fantasy TV series, and this is one of them.

A Random Thought on Werewolves

So, here in the UK we’re a little behind some places on Lost Girl and I’m watching episode 3 (I think) of season 2. Inside of thirty seconds, Dyson has his shirt off. He seems to be doing that a lot this season and I can’t help but think of that terrible sounding spoof movie based on Twighlight.

Is it really true that werewolves have to take their shirt off every hour? I’m not saying it’s wrong. Perhaps it’s a racial trait. Mine tend to be naked most of the time, no shirt to take off, but perhaps the ones who spend more time in human form just have this sudden urge every sixty minutes or so. A compulsion to strip to the waist for no reason.

(This brought to you by “Random Thoughts from a Guy with a Cold.”)