Thaumatology Book News

I’m aiming to have Book 8, Ancient, out to Smashwords and Amazon by the end of the month, assuming I can come up with a cover for it by then. I’ve had some ideas, but nothing has worked out right yet. I’ll be dropping a few exerts here over the next few weeks and, of course, you’ll be the first to see the cover art when I finally do figure it out.

I have also settled on a title for Book 9. I just decided to go for it, so this is breaking news, or something like that. Thaumatology book 9 will be called Dragonfall. Make of that what you will. (That evil laughing noise you hear isn’t me, honest.)

As an aside, I already know what the cover for Dragonfall will look like, maybe because I’ve been working toward this one for nine months or so.

Out here in Random Post Land


So, I’ve been quiet for a while and I thought I’d pop in and give a progress report, and raise my viewing figures via the simple expedient of mentioning the three most popular search terms I’ve been getting. In no order these are:

  • Julia Dietze and some reference to underwear – Yes, that one’s still very popular.
  • The Secret World, especially referencing Tabula Raza.
  • Succubus Porn – I’ll drop a picture in at the bottom of the post just to give the guys searching for that something to look at.

The last week or so, I’ve been slacking off my Thaumatology duties and resurrecting an old character which I created long ago. She’s a vampire, really quite a good character, and I stopped trying to write her story because of Twilight. What was the point of writing vampire novels when everyone and their pet vampire pooch was also writing vampire novels. Well, stuff that, Helena was cool, and still is, and I’m giving her another outing while I recharge myself for the final rush on Book 9 of Thaumatology.

In other news, the Smashwords sale continues. Go here, buy books, read books! You know you need to.

After the cut… succubus porn!

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Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale

Apparently it’s the “Summer/Winter Sale” because it’s Summer up North and Winter down South, whatever, you get money off. That’s goo, right? It’s also your chance to get other ebooks cheap, so head on over!

Here are the links and the coupons to use at checkout. Mostly you’re getting a 50% discount.

Tales from High Towers’ Study is still free, just like otherwise.

Also, here’s the link for the sale in general:

Happy reading!

Eagle’s Shadow Reminder

Only about a day if you want to grab Eagle’s Shadow at 50% off. Use coupon code PV37L at the checkout at Smashwords:

Come Sunday the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale will be starting and there will be discounts to be had on Thaumatology books, except for Eagle’s Shadow which is just out. (Well, maybe 25% off if I’m feeling generous. We’ll see how I feel.)

I’ll put up links and details on Sunday for the sale prices.

Eagle’s Shadow

Eagle’s Shadow, the seventh book in the Thaumatology series is now available. Use coupon code PV37L for 50% off at the Smashwords checkout until June 30th.

Ceridwyn Brent and Lily Carpenter are on top of the world as they attend the New Year Ball at the Chinese Embassy. Attending are the Prime Minister of Britain, the President of the United States, and Huanglong, the Chinese Imperial Dragon. It seems as though they have really entered into prestigious circles when Ceri and her boss, Cheryl Tennant, are then invited to a function at the US embassy.
Then Ceri is accused of attempting to assassinate President Wilson, and Ceri and Lily fiend themselves hip-deep in a plot designed to bring America to a state of war. With an old enemy emerging from the shadows, the American government hunting them, and very few friends to help, they must find a way to stop the plot and get out of it alive.

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Tales from the Dubh Linn

Tales from the Dubh Linn, the second anthology of short stories from the Thaumatology universe is out now. It’s $0.99 so don’t be shy, but it’s also suitable only for those over 18. I hope you like the stories. I enjoyed writing them; they’re a change from the main stream of Thaumatology books.

Hammer of Witches

The sixth of the Thaumatology Books is now out on Smashwords. Amazon will follow later today (they have a longer publishing process).

 Ceri Brent and Lily Carpenter, a sorceress and a half-succubus, are new to police work after becoming Special Advisors to the Greycoats, but when Ceri and her werewolf mate, Michael, find a charred corpse she finds herself frozen out of the investigation. As the bodies pile up they begin to investigate anyway, especially when their friends are threatened by the Witch Hunter’s widening list of criminals to be tried, convicted, and burned alive.
But the Witch Hunter appears to have divine help and Ceri’s faith will be tested to the limit before he can be finally brought to justice. What can a girl who stopped going to church at the age of seven have faith in when the country is invaded by angels?

To buy from Smashwords at half price until May 5th, use coupon code JA73H at the checkout.

Hope you enjoy it.

(Amazon took even longer to publish than usual, but for those waiting, it’s finally there.)

Read an eBook Week Continues

Over on Smashwords, the Read an eBook Week continues and I’m going to plug it again here.

Besides the awesomeness of being able to pick up Thaumatology 101 FREE!!! you can also pick up all sorts of other glorious e-books by author authors, and maybe also pick up some of my other book which are there at half-price. You have until the 10th to pick up a book and get to the reading, so… get to the reading!