Ancient in the Shops

Thaumatology book 8, Ancient, is up on Smashwords and Amazon. You can purchase it half-price until September 9th using the coupon code AM37F at the Smashwords checkout.

Ceridwyn Brent has invented a way of creating an artificial ley line and is planning to use it to generate free, clean electricity. To do that, however, she needs to start the line in an area of high magical energy and in Europe that means the German Rift. At the end of World War II, a series of huge explosions in German cities cracked open the world, letting demons and fae run rampant, and that rift line is still a huge area of high magic. So, Ceri and her friend, Lily Carpenter, must walk into what is left of Hamburg to initiate the ley line.

Something is wrong in the ruins of Hamburg, however. Sensitives are having strange dreams of some old evil rising from underground and the shadows seem to move on their own. Something bad has woken up and it seems to be fascinated by Ceri. It also has far more extreme motives and, when it follows Ceri and Lily back to London, blood and chaos are not far behind.


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Search Term Update and other stuff

It’s been a while since I did a round-up of interesting search terms people have used to find this blog, so I figured it was time to have another go.

“succubus porn” and related queries remains popular. To be fair, I guess if you mention succubbi then you’re asking for people to come looking for porn.

I’m really winning on reviews. My review of The Secret World has drawn various people here. I wonder whether they found what they wanted. My Iron Sky review also trigger a number of hits, but every single one of them was looking for pictures of Julia Dietze getting her uniform blown off in the airlock. I never knew so many people were into 1940s-era corset/garterbelts.

Finally, what has to be the most specific request I’ve seen: “young girl meeting an angel in heroic fantasy and deviantart”. Sometimes you have to wonder what the search engines are doing.

That was a random lunchtime post, but while I’m here… Eagle’s Shadow will be out this weekend and I’ll be posting up the cover art here tonight.

Beauty in the Eyes

So, there’s a story behind this render and it got me thinking about beauty. That means you have to sit through the rambling monologue before you get to the good stuff. The good stuff is the render of Lily in a harem outfit, and the story goes like this:

There I was, checking DAZ’s web site, as I usually do, and they had a new clothing model, Katya, which is a nicely designed harem-girl outfit with a veil and head jewellery. Obviously I thought of Lily. Lily would love that outfit. I simply had to render Lily in that outfit (otherwise she would hear about it and hurt me). So, I duely purchased it for her and got her on the photo set and there she is.

However, since she gets rendered slowly, over the course of several hours, from the top and working down a block at a time. (The hair and faces take the longest; more edges to bounce light off, more calculations required.) I went into the little office at the back of the house to check on how she was doing and there they were; her eyes. They were looking out from the screen, deep and dark, from behind her hair and the veil. Awesome. Really, go to my Deviant Art page, click-through to the full size image and look her in the eyes. She’s smiling; you can’t see it because of the veil, but you can see it in her eyes. They’re beautiful.

So, back to the point. Beauty, what is it? Lily’s an attractive woman. I’ve rendered her in next to nothing and there’s a lot of flesh on show there, but really it’s the eyes that make the picture. I guess you’d call them “sultry” or “playful.” There are obviously a lot of other things about Lil that are attractive; I sculpted her that way. Lily was designed to be a little artificial, a collection of features designed to hit man’s built-in sexual triggers. Her hips are wider than average, her breasts larger (using a morph on the Genesis model called “Breasts Implant,” so while she’s all natural, she looks like there’s silicon in there). She’s a half-succubus, evolved to attract sexual partners. Of course, everyone has their preferences and Lily is not to everyone’s tastes.

And beauty is not always physical. Another thing I love about Lily is her personality. She’s a free spirit. She does what she wants and doesn’t care what others think of her. (Partially, I wish I could be the same, but I’m as insecure as the next guy.) An old character of mine in an MMO used to fall in love with people because of their personalities. It was a superhero MMO (City of Heroes) and everyone was attractive, if not stunning. If you just went by looks you’d be falling in love, or at least lust, with just about everyone you saw, so how can you really differentiate? A winning personality, or even just some little difference which seems attractive, can make all the difference. Even in real life that’s true. Relationships can start with looks, but they probably can’t keep on going without something else. Or can they?

Any thoughts, folks? What do you find attractive?

Oh yeah… I said you could have the good bit at the end. Enjoy.

A Ceri and Lily Pinup

I’ve been messing with this for days. I really mean days too; it’s an 11 hour render, and it’s taken me three runs at it before I was happy with the result. I was going for something erotic and romantic, and I guess both of those are in the eyes of the beholder. However, since it’s also got more flesh than usual, you can see the picture after the cut.

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Hammer of Witches

The sixth of the Thaumatology Books is now out on Smashwords. Amazon will follow later today (they have a longer publishing process).

 Ceri Brent and Lily Carpenter, a sorceress and a half-succubus, are new to police work after becoming Special Advisors to the Greycoats, but when Ceri and her werewolf mate, Michael, find a charred corpse she finds herself frozen out of the investigation. As the bodies pile up they begin to investigate anyway, especially when their friends are threatened by the Witch Hunter’s widening list of criminals to be tried, convicted, and burned alive.
But the Witch Hunter appears to have divine help and Ceri’s faith will be tested to the limit before he can be finally brought to justice. What can a girl who stopped going to church at the age of seven have faith in when the country is invaded by angels?

To buy from Smashwords at half price until May 5th, use coupon code JA73H at the checkout.

Hope you enjoy it.

(Amazon took even longer to publish than usual, but for those waiting, it’s finally there.)

Stories from the Dubh Linn

Last night I finished off the last of the stories for the next Thaumatology anthology, Tales from the Dubh Linn. So I thought I would share them with you. I’m not sure how I’ll order them yet, but this is what you’ll be getting:

A Night on the Town: Four friends on a night out in London end up visiting the Dubh Linn, a notorious pub in London frequented by the darker side of supernatural society.

After Twilight: A teenager with a taste for vampire romance story finds herself falling in love with a teenage vampire who has just started at her school. Will the course of vampire romance run true?

Changeling: A farmer in Wales becomes convinced that his wife has been replaced by a fae changeling.

Hunt: A young couple spend Halloween night in a tent in Windsor Great Park while overhead they can hear a sound like geese calling. They are in for a very wild night.

Succubus: When Wendy discovers that her husband has been cheating on her, she summons a succubus for revenge and gets more than she bargained for.

The Body Trade: When a reporter begins investigating human trafficking into London she enters a far more dangerous world than she could ever have been imagined.

For those who have previously read the series, these are largely standalone stories, but you will be seeing some characters who have turned up before. John Radcliffe and Kate Middleshaw turn up more than once, and we’ll even be seeing Hughes and Croft, the Welsh detectives from Disturbia. You’ll also become better acquainted with Belvedere, the decadent Sidhe from the same book, and there is one more, secret, guest star from the main series.

As a side note, when Hammer of Witches comes out, it will have a bonus short story along with it. Housemates tells the story of how Ceri and Lily first met.

Lily – Easter Bunny of the Year

Another seasonal holiday and, well, I just felt Lily should get dressed up as a rabbit. It’s traditional, right? Unfortunately, she had to hold that pose for hours and she was, a little miffed with me by the end of the session. I promissed her an Easter egg and I think I might have got away with it.

The larger version of this render is available here:

Bad Girls

Over the last week or so I’ve been creating new models of Ceri and Lily using the latest technology from DAZ 3D, Genesis. Genesis uses various new tricks of the trade, including weight-mapping, which should give smoother, more natural, joint bends. I also picked up some really good shaders for various forms of metal and other surfaces, including some really very good latex surface shaders; Ceri’s dress and Lily’s bra have benefitted from those.

Looking closely (I recommend the full-size version on Deviant Art:, you can see Ceri’s dragon tattoo here. You may also be thinking, “Her hair is longer!” Well, yes; that’s a sneak peek at book 7, where she grows it. Bad Girls is the name of the first part of book 6, Hammer of Witches. Make of that what you will.

And now I’m off to render this as a desktop backdrop. I rather like how it came out.