The New Look Overlord

As you know I’m writing the twelfth book in the Thaumatology series. It now has a name, at least a working one, and I suspect it’ll stay. Book 12 will be called Vengeance. Make of that what you will.

I’ve also been doing some remodelling on my two favorite fantasy characters. I’m not entirely sure I’ve got Lily down right yet. May need a little more work. Ceri, however, looks awesome. She’s come out looking a little like Lena Headey, which is just a perfect look for her. (No, I’m not a Game of Thrones fan; it didn’t occur to me that she was in it until I checked the spelling of her name.)

Since this is a somewhat risque render, I’ll reveal their new look after the break. And please let me know if you think Lily looks great and I’m just being paranoid.

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Progress Report – Release Dates

So, books 9 and 10 are basically written. I need to find about 5000 words to slide into book 9 before I’ll be happy with it, and I very heavily need to go through both books and make sure everything is tied together properly and all the dates make sense, and all the usual stuff that needs doing. However, my brain is going ga-ga right now so I’ve put things to one side to do some random writing projects before I loop back into Thaumatology land.

It’s late September and I’m planning to write book 11 for NaNoWriMo (or the bulk of it anyway). Book 11 is going to be the one which tells Twill’s backstory.

So, at this point I’m planning to release book 9 on December 8th and book 10 on December 22nd this year. As previously revealed, book 9 is going to be called Dragonfall. Book 10, which follows on tightly from the events of Dragonfall will be called The Other Side of Hell.

Out here in Random Post Land


So, I’ve been quiet for a while and I thought I’d pop in and give a progress report, and raise my viewing figures via the simple expedient of mentioning the three most popular search terms I’ve been getting. In no order these are:

  • Julia Dietze and some reference to underwear – Yes, that one’s still very popular.
  • The Secret World, especially referencing Tabula Raza.
  • Succubus Porn – I’ll drop a picture in at the bottom of the post just to give the guys searching for that something to look at.

The last week or so, I’ve been slacking off my Thaumatology duties and resurrecting an old character which I created long ago. She’s a vampire, really quite a good character, and I stopped trying to write her story because of Twilight. What was the point of writing vampire novels when everyone and their pet vampire pooch was also writing vampire novels. Well, stuff that, Helena was cool, and still is, and I’m giving her another outing while I recharge myself for the final rush on Book 9 of Thaumatology.

In other news, the Smashwords sale continues. Go here, buy books, read books! You know you need to.

After the cut… succubus porn!

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How to Make a Fortune Selling Ebooks!

I figured it out, though it may be too late. The bandwaggon may have sailed, to mix a metaphore or two. Yes, I figured out the ultimate way to make money writing ebooks and I want to share it with everyone so they can join in too! Here’s the secret:

  • Write a book which explains how to write and distribute an ebook on Amazon.
  • Put it on Amazon for about $2.99.
  • Profit!

I doubt you need to know how to actually write a book, or create an ebook, or market it successfully, but you should have a title which suggests you do. From the explosion of these on Amazon, it seems to be a great way to con people out of make money, so let’s all get in there and write a book!

What? Yes, actually, I am a cynical old man. Now git offa ma lawn!

Inspiration – From Where?

Where do you get your inspiration from? For art or writing, or role-playing, or any other creative outlet really, there has to be something to inspire you to create. So what is it?

For me it’s many sources. I’ll focus on the Thaumatology books here, but I’ve written fiction in other genres which came from other places. I like mixing genres, especially with something like superhero fiction which is heavily influenced by both sci-fi and fantasy.

I’ve been fascinated by magic, the systems and mechanisms of magic, since I was a kid. I created rule systems for fantasy role-playing games, I read books on various different forms of magic. I don’t believe any of it, but it’s a fascinating subject. The first book I ever wrote was a fantasy (and no one will ever read it, it’s terrible, but I was a teenager). Urban fantasy did not really exist back then and I turned more to sci-fi. The first thing I remember seeing which had that mix of fantasy and the modern-day was a game, Mage: The Ascension, where “magic” was the ability to manipulate reality by will alone and “technology” was a form of magic which the general public had bought into so just about anyone could do it. (It’s a nice concept, but it starts to break down if you look too closely.) At around that time, David Eddings’ books were giving us “The Will and the Word,” another reality manipulating magic. Ursula le Guin’s Earthsea books feature magic which manipulates the world through language. This kind of relatively detailed, internally consistent magic system is a big influence on the magic in the Thaumatology series. What I wanted to do was write a story about people doing fantastic things, sure, but also about people trying to work out how magic worked; applying science to magic, that’s what my stories are about.

Which brings us to the other influence on these tales: Wikipedia and the Discovery channel. More specifically, quantum physics, string theory, M-theory, the Standard Model of particle physics… The list goes on. Try looking some of this stuff up. It reads like a fantasy novel combined with badly translated VCR instructions! Reality is a fascinating place and it seems like the more we understand it, the less we know about it.

Null thaumatons, the particle Ceri sets out to discover in Thaumatology 101, are based upon gravitons. Gravitons are the force particles responsible for gravity (if they exist). They are hard to find because they don’t interact with our world much. That’s why gravity is a comparatively weak force compared to the other forces, like electromagnetism. Gravitons are supposed to be closed-loop strings, and that’s what null thaumatons are too. My science would likely make a particle physicist weep, but this is fantasy not a scientific paper. Take a load of science, add a fantastic twist, and out comes the science of magic. There’s more to come in the next book; Ceri’s world has a magical equivalent of the Higgs boson…

So that’s where my inspiration comes from. What about yours?

Book 3 and NaNoWriMo

So, by this evening I’ll have draft 1 of Book 3 (so far baring the title Legacy) finished. It’s coming in a little shorter than I’d like, but within acceptable parameters and it’s got some pretty reasonable character development, and plot development in there.

Now it’s only the second of November, and I have a long weekend ahead of me so I may just try to bang out a first draft of book 4 for NaNoWriMo. I’ll have lost a couple of days writing time, but that’s not necessarily a major issue. The big problem is going to be deciding what the plot for the fourth book should be before I lose even more writing time trying to work that one out!

If I’m going to bang ahead with that, though, that means Book 2 is likely to go to press in early December… Hmmm, we’ll see.