The Books

The books of the Thaumatology Series, both released and upcoming (where known). (Genuine reviewers can obtain a free copy of any published book. Please contact the author.)

Thaumatology 101

The first novel in the series, Thaumatology 101 tells the tale of how Ceridwyn Brent helps to discover one of the three fundamental particles of magic, and also manages to survive assassination attempts, sabotage, and the feminine wiles of her housemate, Lily, who is a half-succubus.

Demon’s Moon

Ceri begins work on her PhD thesis, a study of the previously undiscovered metaphysical process by which werewolves transform. But something is going oddly wrong in the werewolf packs with violence breaking out for no apparent reason. Ceri must uncover the truth behind ancient werewolf legends and find “The Fair One” to save her friends and herself.


With mysterious figures watching the Battersea pack and Lily thinking her father might be back on Earth, Ceri has to help her best friend and lover overcome her dark, demonic side, fend off a magical conspiracy, and pass her PhD thesis moderation. The question is, which will get her first?

Dragon’s Blood

Stonehenge, enigmatic ancient monument alone in the English countryside, hides a mystery even more ancient than the rocks themselves. As Ceri searches for the answers an old enemy returns with murder on his mind. Can Ceri and her friend Lily survive to uncover the secret of the Dragon’s Blood?


When bodies start piling up under mysterious, violent circumstances, it’s up to Ceri and Lily to discover who is doing the killing. As the link between the deaths becomes clear the couple have to delve into a world Lily thought she had left behind for good, digging through the ugly underbelly of London’s night life to find a killer bent on revenge at any cost.

Hammer of Witches

Eagle’s Shadow


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32 thoughts on “The Books

  1. Just finished reading all the books through For whom the wedding bells toll… Excellent , wonderful, and thank you for multiple hours of great reading. I loved the books. Thank you for writing them and when can there be more??

    • Ceri and Lily are currently taking a sabbatical while I feed my sci-fi addiction by writing Steel Beneath the Skin and a couple more in that series. I’m not sure when there will be another Thaumatology book, but I think there will be. I even know what it’s going to be about. Now it’s just an issue of getting it out of my head and into a computer.

      I’m glad you liked the books. Keep watching this space.

  2. I finished reading the whole series, and it was the first time for a long time I want to read a series again immediately. Wow!!! Unfortunately 🙂 I had to read the Aneka Jansen books first.

    One question: What is your attitude to “fan-fiction”? Somewhere during reading the series I had an idea to write a story in this universe, which doesn’t touch your characters but only uses the preconditions and settings.

    If you want to discuss this, you can contact me directly under Rainer at Prem dot de

    • I don’t have an issue with fan fiction so long as I’m credited in some way, my characters aren’t disrespected (not an issue here, I think), and you send me a link so I can read it. 🙂

      I’d even consult on background detail if you have questions.

      • Of course I will do that.

        Perhaps you can give me an e-mail address of yours, so we wouldn’t have to spoil this blog.

  3. Are these available in physical format….I loved both series (Thaumatology and Anaka) and I want to give to a friend who doesn’t have an e-reader

  4. Love your books! After reading your aneka jensen books I moved onto the thaumatology series and have read both series in the course of a single week… Bravo on writing some awesome work 🙂 and on that note I need more from each series please! 😀

  5. As an aficionado of urban fantasy and sci-fi I can honestly say that the Aneka Janssen and Thaumatology series are brilliant, I can’t wait for the next instalments of both! Please keep up the awesome work!

  6. I have been thinking about the series. You have really done great things for all of the characters but lorna and John. They are in a pretty nasty place with lorna gradually decaying into something horrible. It occurs to me that Cerie hasn’t done any research into vampires and what can be done for them. If they are dead, their souls must be in some disconnected state in another dimension (at 90 degrees perhaps). Hell doesn’t have vampires but it does have succubi. Perhaps there is a reason and something can be done involving higher dimensional rotation to invert the thaumiton metabolism, or reconnect them to life in some way. Maybe she can be converted into a succubus? Just some ideas for another story. I really don’t like where you left them. I have now read all of your books many times. Thanks for sharing all of your great ideas with us. 😄😄

      • You don’t have to cure them all, it may take huge amounts of energy. I just think Cerie is too loyal to her friends to ignore their plight 😄 g’nite from downunder 😴

      • I’m thinking not cure so much as transform. Perhaps it would require a sacrifice of humanity……no,not a human sacrifice and maybe only on a vampire that has been turned less than sY, 5 years . 1 vampire + 1 human = 2 dhampires? I should think that John would be more than willing to give up half his humanity for his wife . Just a thought…..

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  8. There are actually 2 areas that Ceri should research .

    She found a cure for lycanthropy, the cursed kind. The injury to the young Indian-American werewolf boy in Eagle’s Shadow showed that there is a way to stop the were-change. The injure to the chackra/median caused the shift to fail – which is exactly what ‘licks’ want. They want to stop changing involuntarily.

    And, if she is going to be a ruler and political figure, she should really find out how her powers were blocked by the collar used by the Witchhunter, before her enemies do.

  9. Are you going to write any more book’s about Tramatology. Can’t spelled but I believe you know what what what what I mean. CERY & Lily.

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