Dragonfall Reminder


Just a reminder that Dragonfall, the ninth book in the Thaumatology sequence will be published to Smashwords and Amazon this weekend. Over the next couple of days I’ll release the cover artwork and maybe one or two excerpts. Today I’m announcing that Dragonfall will be going on sale at $0.99. This is partially because the next book, The Other Side of Hell, will be out two weeks later and you’ll probably want to be snapping that up if you’ve read Dragonfall, and I don’t want to suck up all your Christmas money.

NoNo/Book 11 Update


It occurs that I neglected to share the exciting news: Book 11 first draft wrapped the weekend just gone. On Friday, I think. I’m currently going over it to tidy it up before sending it off to my Sanity Checker.

One thing that has come out of doing this is that, frankly, NaNoWriMo is a lousy way to write a novel. Normally I’d be rethinking sections and going back over them as I write, rechecking, ensuring everything was right. NaNo kind of forced me to press onward. As a result I’m finding spelling errors I’d normally have seen (yes, with red lines under them from Word), missing words, grammar errors I should have seen. Plus, I know I need to rewrite several blocks based on rethinks later in the book. I’m not sure I’ll bother doing that again.

Coming soon: some peeks into books 9 and 10 which will be coming out soon!

Fifty K


I just beat the fifty thousand word target on NaNoWriMo. Everything else is gravy as far as the challenge goes. Of course, I’m not finished with the book yet. It would be cool if I could wrap the whole thing by the end of the month, which should be possible if I keep going at this rate.

NaNo nano-update


That’s a tiny update concerning NaNoWriMo. I thought was a cute sort of pun. Kind of.

So, last night I beat 35,000 words and the little estimation widget on the NaNo web site says I could have hit the challenge target (50,000) by the end of Sunday. I have to admit, Book 11 is streaming out of me in a way Books 9 and 10 didn’t. I think the rest I took to leave starting this one until November did me good. Or, after the relatively high-stress, complex plot writing of 9 and 10, 11 is a little easier on the brain. Hey, I even gave it a mildly amusing title.

Johnny Depp Stole My Brain


On Monday evening, I watched Dark Shadows, the Depp movie featuring dark humour and a lot of actors I like. I have to say, I’d hoped I would enjoy it more, but it did make me chuckle several times. That, however, is not why I’m posting.

No, ever since then I have been waking up with Karen Carpenter belting out Top of the World going through my head. I want it gone! I’m going to go funny (funnier than usual) if this keep up.

“Out tiny songstress!”

Out here in Random Post Land


So, I’ve been quiet for a while and I thought I’d pop in and give a progress report, and raise my viewing figures via the simple expedient of mentioning the three most popular search terms I’ve been getting. In no order these are:

  • Julia Dietze and some reference to underwear – Yes, that one’s still very popular.
  • The Secret World, especially referencing Tabula Raza.
  • Succubus Porn – I’ll drop a picture in at the bottom of the post just to give the guys searching for that something to look at.

The last week or so, I’ve been slacking off my Thaumatology duties and resurrecting an old character which I created long ago. She’s a vampire, really quite a good character, and I stopped trying to write her story because of Twilight. What was the point of writing vampire novels when everyone and their pet vampire pooch was also writing vampire novels. Well, stuff that, Helena was cool, and still is, and I’m giving her another outing while I recharge myself for the final rush on Book 9 of Thaumatology.

In other news, the Smashwords sale continues. Go here http://www.smashwords.com/books/category/1/newest/1, buy books, read books! You know you need to.

After the cut… succubus porn!

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Awesome search terms… again


Today’s awesome search term is “porn sites to attract a succubus”. Which is totally wrong thinking because succubi are quite capable of generating their own porn. They don’t need no steenkin’ Internetz.

On another note, people are still looking for Julia Dietze in her underwear, and reviews of The Secret World. I have to do more reviews. They really attract the visitors.