Christmas Message, Magical Version

(Preparatory note: While considering what I was going to write here, I started thinking that it sounded like a ‘this is the end, I’m writing no more’ speech. It isn’t, so put that out of your head and read on with happiness in your heart. Also, I’m cross-posting this to both blogs, because it’s for all of you and I don’t know whether you all read both blogs.)

So… On a whim this afternoon I was clicking through Netflix and I found Stephen Fry’s Planet Word. I hope everyone knows who Stephen Fry is; he’s a British national treasure, but beyond that he’s an eloquent man with a love of language. Planet Word is his tour of how language came about, what it means, who it has changed, how it is written, and the kind of thing he thinks of when it comes to good writing (and there are a few surprises in that list). If it’s available on whatever streaming service you may use, I heartily recommend it.

What it did for me, aside from entertaining me for several hours, was got me thinking. Mr Fry has written books and he tells the story of the arrival of his first ever printed novel and how he felt to see something he had written sitting there, bound into a book. And I know how he felt. The last programme, about literature, made me think of something else; about the pleasure he gets from reading the kinds of works he likes.

Now, I don’t claim to be a Joyce, or an Orwell, or a P.G. Wodehouse, or any of the other authors mentioned in the series. But you lot are out there enjoying my writing. Someone told me recently that one scene in The Other Side of Hell had really cheered her up and I got a little thrill out of that. I don’t care whether you read my stuff because you like strong female characters, or kick-ass heroines, or the sex, or the guns. I assume you like the stories, because you’re here reading this and you keep buying them. Coming up to Christmas, I think it’s a good time to point out that I really appreciate the fact that people out there are enjoying Aneka and Ella, and Ceri and Lily, and all the other characters. Thank you.

PS. I’m not trawling for praise either. If you feel like posting some, save it for the next book and have a damn good Christmas (or whatever form of holiday you may be celebrating).

13 thoughts on “Christmas Message, Magical Version

  1. FWIW, I enjoy your writing at least as much as I do Wodehouse’s, Stephen Fry as Jeeves notwithstanding. A very Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. I like all of your books very much. It make me dream about the places and the characters u describe. It is like a vacation and for this I want to thank you. 🙂 Merry Christmas to u and ur family. A happy new year and maybe a new adventure with Cygnus. 😉 She deserve a second book after “Ugly” and it is a fantastic setting.

    Happy Holiday 🙂

  3. Re. your disclaimer, Niall. I never would have thought that from your post. You seem to be having too much fun with your writing to toss it anyway. :>

    • I have a basic framework for the next couple of books, but I’m not sure exactly where I’m going with them. I need a surge of inspiration and those have a habit of happening when I least expect it. So I don’t have a date, but I think it’ll be this year.

      • I just re-read the entire series over the past week and I find myself in the same place was the last time I read the series: wanting more.

        What’s going to happen with the American sorcerer? The other British sorcerer? Will one of them not be able to handle the power and break bad?

        Will Dane and Aleena’s child be a werewolf as well as a sorcerer or will the latter overwrite the former? If he’s both, could be seen as Luperca’s Champion?

        How will the religious folks, especially those in Brazil, react to demons seeking to immigrate to Earth? How will everyday citizens react? I imagine they could be gainfully employed in the military stations near the various hot zones.

        I expect Hiffy to be one of the first Det to have full access to Earth. Will she be one of Carters new waitresses? She’s already trained. Maybe a dancer? Carter could start a new strip club with a Demon theme. Perhaps give her a human love interest.

        Since we’ve seen some of the gods start to become more active, will other gods start to make themselves known? I could see Luperca becoming more visible, perhaps have Tegan and Kai as her prophets?

      • Wow… I’m glad you like the series, and there will be more when I get to writing them. I have absolutely no timescales on that, but I can tell you that getting answers to all of those questions is going to take a while.

        The next book (or two or three; could be a trilogy, I’m not sure yet) will tell you a lot more about the other sorcerers. Hiffy will also be cropping up in those and she does have a rather more active role in cross-dimension activities. I won’t reveal how, but it all came out of some rather interesting discussions I had with my proofreader.

        Crierwy, Dane and Aleena’s daughter, is going to get her own series (assuming I’m still alive to write it), but she needs to grow up a bit first. She’s a rather unusual child, and not just because she’s a sorceress. But it’s going to be a while before I’m writing her story. Keep watching.

      • Damn… I was finally good with maybe getting a new Thaumatology book every year (more or less), instead of one every three months, but now i´m getting anxious again! Yes for several new books for Ceri & Lily!!! Yes for a spinoff series with Crierwy!!! Take your time, don´t rush books just for the sake of releasing them, and all will be good. 🙂

        By the way… I´m re-reading the whole thing again and I was wondering: what happened with the proofreading and re-issue of all the previous books (from 1 to 11)? Is that still going on?

      • The proofreading thing got bogged down due to me having too much on my plate, and I got a bit of a push on that recently so we’re off again. Everything has been checked and delivered to me. I have a need to redo the covers for some of the earlier Thaumatology books (for the Apple iBook store), which is now work-in-progress. Expect to see new editions of the books coming out on Smashwords soon. Amazon is another matter since their update mechanism continues to be laughable. I’ll update the books, whether you see them as customers seems to depend on Amazon’s whim.
        As soon as I have the first batch up, I’ll post something.

      • Thanks for the good news! 😀

        “Amazon is another matter since their update mechanism continues to be laughable. I’ll update the books, whether you see them as customers seems to depend on Amazon’s whim.”

        I had no idea about any issues with Amazon update issues… I´m a Kindle user (on Android) and I’ve got all your books from Amazon. What are those problems?

    • Amazon have a rather odd procedure, due to their sync system, I believe. If I change the contents of the book, I then have to notify Amazon by email, including some fairly detailed notes on what has changed. They will then decide what to do about it. I think the options are “not much,” “notify users for manual update,” or “auto-send the new version.” I think this was probably fine when people paid to have books delivered over Amazon’s phone network, but most users (I would imagine) use Wifi now and it’s a bit crazy. Anyway, it can take 6 weeks or so for them to decide what to do, and they don’t tell me what the result is.
      I’ve done Steel Beneath the Skin and I still have no idea whether my Amazon customers ever got the updated version. 😦

      • I’ve just checked Steel Beneath the Skin and it shows a “Revised 2014” in the beginning. But I didn’t get any notification (I didn’t have it on my mobile, I’ve just downloaded it). I remember getting a notification for another book that was on the device, so maybe that’s a requirement to be notified of an update. Amazon requires an email request from the author? Seriously? OMG…

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